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The Fragmentum group is a decentralized global collective selecting & listing the very best artisans and companies this world has to offer. It is not the number but the quality that counts. 

We create our business model through a new economical environment to empower artisans, small to middle size businesses & start-ups. 

The projects you find listed here are shared by the community built on dreams, passion & hard work resulting in unique, rare products & services of top quality.

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Artisans have certain things in common. They usually create quality over quantity, less is more, the very essence of luxury. They have their own unique universe and we are here to introduce them on one single platform

Art inspires the creation of our products

Imagination — the ability to conceive something that does not yet exist —

FRAGMENTS is our first art clothing project launched January 2019.

With a collection of bags and wallets dedicated to commercial functionality, durability and innovation.

Every collection is limited to the numbers of fragments cut from the original painting. Our first collection contains 480 fragments/products.

Purchasing products from Fragments are more then just objects. It is an investment. First the product itself, secondly the piece of original art and third you invest in blockchain and the future of it.



Coin market

Over 6000 coins to discover

Displaying the wast majority of the entire coin market with well over 6000 coins for you to explore. The coins are ranked by market capitalization with live updated prices

Cryptocurrencies: 5.995
Markets: 542
Marketcap: € 349,82 Billion
24h Vol: € 44,08 Billion
BTC Dominance: 61.25%
#CoinPriceMarketcapVolume (24h)SupplyChange (24H)Price Graph (7D)
111.525,47€ 213,54 Billion€ 23,05 Billion15,68 Million4.53%
2340,92€ 38,61 Billion€ 10,14 Billion95,77 Million2.59%
30,845734€ 13,85 Billion€ 30,37 Billion13,86 Billion-0.07%
40,211361€ 9,57 Billion€ 1,43 Billion38,30 Billion0.78%
5222,81€ 4,13 Billion€ 2,45 Billion15,70 Million1.83%

“Satoshi times” by Christian Godin

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